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Mario Clash

Platform: Virtual Boy

Genre: Action
Release date: September 28th, 1995
Developer: Nintendo R&D 1
Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

List of achievements:

Unlocked April 17th, 2021 at 20:44
3pts. 3pts.

On the Line

Achieve a Technical Bonus of 3 on Stage 2.

Stage 10

Clear Stages 1-10 in one session.

Stage 20

Clear Stages 11-20 in one session.

Stage 30

Clear Stages 21-30 in one session.

Stage 40

Clear Stages 31-40 in one session.

Stage 50

Clear Stages 41-50 in one session.

Stage 60

Clear Stages 51-60 in one session.

Stage 70

Clear Stages 61-70 in one session.

Stage 80

Clear Stages 71-80 in one session.

Stage 90

Clear Stages 81-90 in one session.

All Right, That's It- You Win!

Clear Stages 91-99 in one session.

Grab the Coins

Collect 15 Coins during Bonus Chance.


Collect 20 Coins during Bonus Chance.


Collect 25 Coins during Bonus Chance.

Tidy Spinies

Achieve a Technical Bonus of 4 on Stage 5.

Cramped Crabs

Achieve a Technical Bonus of 4 on Stage 12.

Haunted Bash

Achieve a Technical Bonus of 2 on Stage 15.

You've Come

Starting from Stage 1, beat Mario's score and stage without dying.

Total: 6pts.